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Art (and Fanmix!) Claiming Post, take 2
Marvel - Girl Comics
second_batgirl wrote in comicsbigbang
Folks, you may have noticed a crisis. (No, not a Crisis, Geoff Johns, get a hold of yourself.) We are seriously short on artists. What does this mean? Three things:

1. Fanmixes, vids, photomanips, icons, and other graphics are now permitted. If you want to make a fanmix, it must be at least 10 songs long. If you want to make icons, you must make at least 20. Want to do something else? Comment here or email us at and we'll discuss it.

2. Artists are now permitted to claim more than one fic. If you can do two, go ahead and claim another one! Please only do this if you are sure you can do two by May 1st. Don't disappoint your writer.

3. We need you to spread the word! Crosspost to wherever you crosspost, scare up the artists you know - please help make sure everyone gets an artist/mixer!

Questions, comments, and concerns should be made here or to If you want to claim a fic for art/mix, please note the NUMBER of the fic you are claiming and leave us your email address.

1-[JLA Year One]This story draws a lot from JLA: Year One for the characters of the original five JLA members (Canary instead of Wonder Woman), but goes ahead and plays off the Trinity as their insular unit. Characterization for Martian Manhunter draws more from his solo title as well, and the Green Arrow/Green Lantern/Black Canary is still the more innocent, happy friends and boyfriend-girlfriend from before Mike Grell's run. Loki has abducted the Justice League to a dimension where none of the meta humans is full strength, the dimension is a permanent deep winter one, and they are at the mercy of attacks from Loki's people. The original five have somewhat bonded to Green Arrow (the canonical sixth member, with ties to Black Canary and Green Lantern early on) but only recently did the Trinity join, and there is tension between the two groups. They have to learn to work together, and to be one true team, if they ever want to see home again by defeating the Norse Trickster God. Warnings: Character death

4-[DCU] Clark discovers that the simulations which Batman has been using to train with all center around Superman in a slightly creepy way...

6-[Batfamily AU] Three years after Final Crisis, Bruce Wayne returns from the dead and re-claims the Batman mantle. Dick is relieved to slip back into the Nightwing costume and Gotham becomes a family concern. But things do not go smoothly. Dick finds it strangely lonely not having a partner swinging by his side, Damian clashes with his father like he never expected and Tim, still wearing the Red Robin costume, cannot shrug away the dark shadow of the last three years. Jason, now installed back at the Manor and Cave at Bruce’s insistence, finds it all intensely amusing. It’s up to Dick to get their collective heads together so they can function like the family they long to be, and that’s not easy when he’s fallen in love with one of his brothers and another is intent on pulling them all apart. (Dick/Tim)

10-[Astonishing X-Men AU] After Jean died at the end of Grant Morrison's run, Scott didn't hook up with Emma. Instead, Emma and Hank left to found a new Massachusetts Academy, leaving Scott and Logan to handle the X-Men. Over time, the two men became closer -- and began a romantic relationship. But just as Scott and Logan are settling into life as a couple, Jean returns from the dead, and Logan is kidnapped by Mr. Sinister. Now it's up to Scott and Jean to work through their laundry list of issues, beat the bad guy, and rescue the man they both love. The fic is Scott/Jean/Logan with moments of Scott/Logan, Jean/Logan, and Scott/Jean, set in an alternate Astonishing X-Men world sometime after "Gifted" and the Decimation.

11-[JSA] The Life and Loves of the Golden Age Green Lantern. For almost 100 years Alan Scott has tried to choose the responsible and right action. He's sometimes succeeded and often failed and now he's forced to face both the joys and demons of his past. Warnings:canon character deaths (and resurrections) including a referenced suicide, implied polyamory that may be considered adulterous, comic book violence, discussion of mid-twentieth century American politics, original characters

12-[Violent Messiahs] The Family takes everything from Cheri Majors, leaving her with two things: the clothes on her back, and Pain. Warnings: Graphic violence and language

19-[DCU] The course of true love never did run smooth. AKA: When Clark Kent met Bruce Wayne. And Bruce Wayne met Superman. And Superman met Batman. And Batman met Clark Kent. And Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne finally got their acts together...

20-[Titans] He thought it was a dream but instead, someone gave him a wish, a wish that changed everything. Everything had gone wrong after Slade Wilson killed his son and, in doing so, was possessed by him. What if he hadn't looked Joey in the eye? How would the world, how would he change? For one thing, he woke up the day after falling asleep to find a pretty gypsy boy in his bed. NC17 with Slade/Dick.

21-[Marvel Adventures Avengers] This fic is set between Marvel Adventures Iron Man: Armour Wars and Marvel Adventures Avengers. It covers how the Avengers formed, and what Doom was waffling about at the end of Armour Wars. Also, genderswitch. Characters: Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Spider-Man, Giant Girl, Storm, Wolverine, Hulk, Pepper, Rhodey, Mr Fantastic. (Captain America/Iron Man)

24-[Marvel] In this version of Civil War, Steve kills Tony, and Jim Rhodes finds that he's been given an impossible task - to rebuild the Avengers - but after Tony dies with all this infamy, will anyone wish to join him. Meanwhile, Pepper has her own issues with Tony's death to work out, and there's YA.

25-[Marvel Figure skating AU] Competitive figure skaters Natasha Romanoff and James Buchanan Barnes were in love once. Their worlds have always collided, but now they have a chance to show they're stronger as a team. Pairings include Bucky/Natasha with smattering of Steve/Sharon and Clint/Bobbi potentially.

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I would love to do another one, annnnd I'll take 21.

Anika/you have my email/25 (because, epic).


I'm glad you guys are opening this up to more artists, I missed the sign up (after dropping out after my fic became a monster,lol) and I wasn't sure if I could sign up once the summaries were posted.

My email is curtyss13 at and I'll take number 11 if that's okay. :)

If you still need people I'll do 6
oh and

anakinbester @g mail (dot)com

Edited at 2010-04-19 07:35 am (UTC)

I'll take 4

aitemoche @ after being "scared up." And going by the artist sign-up post:

I'm interested in #1 and/or #24, but my style's a bit cartoony. If the writer(s) would be okay with that, I can give it a go.
(Is it okay to talk to the writers? Ask if they had anything in particular in mind, or if the costumes are any different than normal canon?)

We'll put you in touch with the writers as soon as you claim a story! We definitely encourage the collaboration. Just let me know which story (or stories) you want, and I'll email you the writers contact info and the draft they gave us as soon as I get home from work.

Well I'd like to work on #1 and #24, if I'm permitted. I mean, if the writer(s) would prefer someone else, I'd willingly relinquish any claim to them. But otherwise, yeah, I'd love to take a crack at them.

If they want any examples of what I can do, my deviantART page is here. I haven't updated in a while because of scanner issues, but those are all cleared up now and my scanner is in working order once again. ^_^

They are all yours. Expect email shortly.

I'll take claim 20, and I'm doing a 10 song fanmix.

I'm doing a fanmix for 12.

E-mail: lady[dot]krysis[at]gmail[dot]com

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