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Fic: Road to Damascus
Dick: born in the air
irrelevant wrote in comicsbigbang

Rating: Adult
Word count: 37,000+
Fandom/Genre/Characters: DCU | Batfamily AU | Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne
Summary: In a universe where Bruce Wayne is willing to kill, the Graysons never fall. His family alive, Dick Grayson stays with the circus. He's happy. Tim Drake grows up in Gotham while his parents travel the globe. He has tutors and a lot of money and a camera. He's not happy, but he's almost okay with that because he has Dick. Even if Dick doesn't know it.
Notes: I borrowed from both the DC comics and animated continuities for this story. The result is an amalgam of two canons plus whatever my imagination decided to spit out. No warnings or major triggers.
Acknowledgments: Endless thanks to quakey, who is my God Queen Editor for many excellent reasons, and a tip of the hat to __marcelo, whose Otherside AU partly inspired this fic; his brain is a scary, awesome place, and I wouldn't half mind living there. To melancholise, whose gorgeous artwork perfectly captures the feel of the story I was trying to tell, a thousand blown kisses, because thanks aren't enough. Her art is embedded in the story, but please go tell her how amazing she is.

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To read the story on AO3, go here.


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