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Fic: History Repeating
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wabbitseason wrote in comicsbigbang
Title: History Repeating
Author: wabbitseason
Fandom: Marvel-616 AU
Character(s): James Buchanan Barnes; Natasha Romanoff; Steve Rogers; Nick Fury; Ivan Petrovich; Yelena Belova; Clint Barton; Bobbi Morse
Pairing(s): Bucky/Natasha; Steve/Sharon; Clint/Bobbi
Words: 10,642 words
Rating: PG
Warning(s): None
Summary: Competitive figure skaters Natasha Romanoff and James Buchanan Barnes were in love once. Over and over, their worlds intersected, but now they're offered a chance a future together. Are they stronger as a team?

Notes: Figure skating has always been my other big fandom, so this is an unique opportunity for my worlds to coexist. Yes, it's an AU as far as comics are concerned, but I've tried to ground things as much as possible with the technical and competitive details. Canon wise, I was definitely inspired by characters' comics history. There are quite a few Marvel oriented Easter Eggs throughout the fic.

Big thank yous to merfilly and harmonyangel for betaing and comments and second_batgirl for much hand-holding when I was ready to give up.

LJ part I
LJ part II


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SQUEE! I can't wait to get a chance to read this.

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